Yearly Career and Money Horoscopes 2021


These generalized predictions of the 12 zodiac signs consider the steps of Jupiter and Saturn which provide a range of information over several months. They are therefore not specific predictions and therefore not based on the chart of each individual, and you will certainly take with caution what is written here, because astrology is not a science, but a beautiful, interesting and very funny art. In order to obtain additional and more detailed information, you should also read your ascendant's general prognosis of the sun sign. If you don't know your ascending zodiac sign, go online and calculate it. For every sign you will find the predictions of career and money. 

The months of forecasting are from January 2021 to December 2021. 

Scroll below, select your sun sign  and find out what the year has in store for your money and work life. 

Good luck with your year 2021!

Pisces Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Pisces in 2021: 

Obstacles, even at work, to conquer. This does not mean that the year at a professional level will be daunting and complicated, but the challenges you will inevitably have to overcome will be numerous and during these fights it will not be easy to be solid and decisive. And Saturn and Jupiter are coming here to help these critical times, to have the right arms to combat. With these two planets in the twelfth astrological house by the end of the year, you will certainly be able to conquer every constraint, every obstacle, every climb that you see in front of your eyes. A lot of sacrifices to make, a lot of fatigue and decisions that are not easy to embrace but completely necessary. In the workplace, not all things go smoothly, but you have to realize that meeting the obstacles and discovering solutions to solve them helps you to mature, grow and lift the bar of achievement. The advice is to travel seeking to find other friends, different places if you don't have a job, so Uranus in sextile asks not only to disrupt your love life, but also your working life, searching around for something you can't find in the same location where you work and live. If you began a new project at the beginning of the year, it is not very easy to survive in the spring months, but if you can be solid, as we have already said, any challenge will be swept away and the smile will return to your lips. Superb time to consider a work offer. Obviously, if you are very young, working in a new position and in a new professional setting would not be so straightforward, however you belong to the symbolism and element of water, and thus you are very malleable people who know how to adapt to different circumstances. But be cautious with financial transactions, particularly when it comes to buying a house or new equipment for work. Caution. Caution.

Aquarius Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Aquarius in 2021: 

An exceptional time, also at work. It is a great pleasure for others to work with you and with you because your innovations, your ventures, powered also by the renewing wind of Uranus, will help you to accomplish remarkable accomplishments, not just professional, but also financial and thereby economic. Many of you would almost definitely be able to increase your turnover, gain even more than in the past, and you will find a large increase in clients and thus in money if you have an individual career. You are most respected and maybe even envied by working peers within your business or office, but what you do today brings tremendous success. You have to begin with new journeys, new career directions with Jupiter moving in your sky and returning to your native Sun after 12 years, which will definitely entail costs, financial savings, but which will offer happiness with next year already. Within you, the need to throw everything away in your life and to begin over is still greater and it must not be blocked. The drive to act will come around spring, so it will be very critical and vital to determine what to do in the months of September and October, which directions to follow in the job. If you are young, take advantage of this time to learn a lot, pass tests, submit your resume and do a lot of business interviews because by the end of this year the phone will already be ringing. Therefore, luck in real estate acquisitions, in the selling of houses and flats, but still wonderful fortune in new alliances. Many of you would probably have the ability to get to know different individuals who are actually really helpful in carrying out tasks. So support, help from people who value your thoughts and efficiency.

Capricorn Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Capricorn in 2021: 

 A lot of luck will come from the technical industry. First of all, there are many times in which you'll be full of enthusiasm and, in fact, two very exciting working months have already begun, with outstanding ideas between January and February. You want numerous projects to go forward, but not all of them can be realized. So the easiest thing to do is focus on only any of these, rather than beginning with so many proposals, and you can find that progress will come in a very short time. The second astrological house is passed by Jupiter and Saturn, and this is the wealth field, it is most likely to be able to profit well by the end of the year, but still to spend and save money to fulfill personal needs. Purchase modern job equipment, use cash to upgrade the workplace or business environment. Although Jupiter offers good career prospects, Saturn consolidates all that comes into your life, milestones, ambitions, and within you you you can experience a massive happiness. Even if you are a very young person, do not stand still and do not pretend to be overly reluctant in the face of the possibilities that come, but continue with courage and what you do now will improve your influence in society, all the new roads you take in this time and especially at the beginning of the year.Both these months are perfect if you want to sell a house or apartment and, of course, if you want to purchase a home for you and your family. You are very proven people, so all arrangements, new deals and cooperation plans should be assessed very closely and it is impossible for anyone to be dissatisfied. Daring is the slogan of this time and daring to attain exemplary technical yet, above all, economic objectives.

Sagittarius Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Sagittarius in 2021: 

The beneficial influence of Jupiter and Saturn is very significant with regard to work and wealth. If you are searching for a new career, if you need to ask someone who can give you a really helping hand for advice or guidance, then transfer, act and don't stop thinking. All your ideas can be achieved with this wonderful sky and everything you want to do can be achieved with serenity, pleasure, faith in your characteristics. Many that are self-employed have more ways to expand the number of clients, to receive benefits and to earn more, whilst others that work in an office or business can potentially and directly seek a salary rise, a career shift or a relocation to another city that opens up new professional and economic possibilities. Finally, money is no longer a major issue and then you can launch new ventures, purchase a house or renovate the one you live in, even have the chance to find a bidder for the house you are in and a seller who gives you the house or apartment of your dreams on a plate of silver. The summer and winter months are very fantastic, according to what we can see from these glorious stars, to carry out a project that you have been working on for several months and maybe years, that is, because Jupiter transited your Sun. Obviously, by tossing money away, you have to be wary about so many costs and don't overdo it, but Saturn consolidates your job position by giving concreteness, solidity, a very constructive, mature future in brief, and one that has great faith. A perfect opportunity to launch a new career practice and in a short time to lay the groundwork for success. Any financial contribution is positive, but for the paperwork you sign, be careful.

Scorpio Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Scorpio in 2021: 

Unfortunately, even at work, the frustration that had already accrued at the beginning of the new year is especially difficult to maintain. And in practice, the effect of stress and anxiety is a bad time. Unfortunately, you have to be very cautious while Jupiter and Saturn are in quadrature with your Sun as during nearly all these months, avoid taking the longest leg phase in your professional life, avoid spending money thinking that anything will go well and avoid, above all, believing that those who advise you that it is possible to quickly accomplish various milestones and achieve very significant economic goals. Don't lend your confidence to someone you don't know, don't spend your resources, don't purchase a house or sell the one you live in, and maybe if you have to do an internal or external restructuring, wait because with the building firm that will do the job, Uranus might create problems. Therefore, during these months, it is appropriate to continue with great care and only between May and July, with Jupiter returning to the sky, will it be possible to achieve a minor working advantage. Do it right between May and July if you are searching for a new career and do not waste your time excessively during the other months, but the best advice we can provide is not to abandon a job simply because you are not financially content. Leaving a career now, unfortunately, means having tremendous trouble finding another job. Expenses to be specifically paid, problems of bureaucracy and statute. Don't underestimate a person who could place sticks in the wheels and become your opponent. Whether you have a gambling weakness, you really are wide open with your eyes and not tossing away money or you might end up with a lot of debt.

Libra Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Libra in 2021: 

If you're looking for a new career, in those months, you have to act. It is very positive to accomplish fantastic career milestones in the year, but only if you have been able to seed in the past. For those who are very young and have learned a lot, fantastic news now has strong possibilities to show off and show their full worth. Small and wide prospects are assured by Jupiter, but many of you would feel the need to adapt, to initiate new ventures, to begin new career paths. You may be bored of the job you have and feel like something, even something important, needs to improve. It is not an incorrect thing to abandon the job you already have for a new adventure, but it is completely necessary if you feel these strong needs and those connected to the spring months and the summer months, particularly September, will be the moments of determination. Even by the end of the year, you will be able to receive fantastic possibilities with Mars in your sextile, but do not believe you will gain cash automatically. The year in which Jupiter is very favorable always shows a start and every beginning, particularly in the professional field, means expenses and little profits that will instead arrive during the next year. But if Jupiter introduces creativity and the ability to launch new ventures, Saturn consolidates everything you can do instead. So what we want you to realize is that certain objectives and accomplishments will already enhance your economic, working power during these months, help you make progress in society. Many of you are assisted by very influential persons who will aid with the realization of innovations. In order to fulfill personal desires, mates become important. A year to breathe all in one breath without getting overwhelmed with what's coming. Greatest wishes.