Scorpio Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Scorpio in 2021: 

Unfortunately, even at work, the frustration that had already accrued at the beginning of the new year is especially difficult to maintain. And in practice, the effect of stress and anxiety is a bad time. Unfortunately, you have to be very cautious while Jupiter and Saturn are in quadrature with your Sun as during nearly all these months, avoid taking the longest leg phase in your professional life, avoid spending money thinking that anything will go well and avoid, above all, believing that those who advise you that it is possible to quickly accomplish various milestones and achieve very significant economic goals. Don't lend your confidence to someone you don't know, don't spend your resources, don't purchase a house or sell the one you live in, and maybe if you have to do an internal or external restructuring, wait because with the building firm that will do the job, Uranus might create problems. Therefore, during these months, it is appropriate to continue with great care and only between May and July, with Jupiter returning to the sky, will it be possible to achieve a minor working advantage. Do it right between May and July if you are searching for a new career and do not waste your time excessively during the other months, but the best advice we can provide is not to abandon a job simply because you are not financially content. Leaving a career now, unfortunately, means having tremendous trouble finding another job. Expenses to be specifically paid, problems of bureaucracy and statute. Don't underestimate a person who could place sticks in the wheels and become your opponent. Whether you have a gambling weakness, you really are wide open with your eyes and not tossing away money or you might end up with a lot of debt.