Gemini Yearly Love Horoscope 2021

Gemini in Love in 2021: 

We always think of the planet Venus in astrology when we speak about love, but other planets are also important and Jupiter and Saturn are necessary for you during this new year, apart from the separate transits of Mars, for feelings. Let's just assume that Jupiter and Saturn are outstanding for several months and their availability to you means that it might move on with very fascinating choices if you have a great love relationship. First of all, you might dream of getting married or choosing a wedding date during these months, having a daughter, moving to live together or finding a new house to move to.

Superb time that passes in your sky between March and April with Mars that also brings so much erotic passion and that with Mars in trigone between September and October. You would almost definitely have the chance to find a person you love too much if you are lonely hearts, that you will quickly return to love, fall in love, maybe after a long time of loneliness. Fantastic time for those who have a human to love by their side, but also for the far more desirable and courted lonely hearts now. 

There would be more chances to get to know many people, but Saturn asks people to be friends with experienced and not quite shallow people, otherwise the new relationship of love may be broken in a short time. So happy heaven is for the sad people who want to fall in love again, and for all those who want to take a step forward in living a loving life, making essential decisions such as dating, moving to live with, raising a child.

If Saturn consolidates and improves the bond of love, Jupiter brings the encounter of life. Then, at certain times of the year, Mars would be able to strengthen history at an enthusiastic stage, to offer strong feelings, and some misunderstandings could emerge and be especially difficult to handle only towards the end of the year.