Taurus Yearly Love Horoscope 2021

Taurus in Love in 2021:

It's not at all a very easy thing to dream of a good year for you in love. Sadly, it is not a very favorable thing to have Jupiter and Saturn in quadrature already at the beginning of the year, and the consequences can arise even in love. In fact, if you live in a sentimental history that has been in crisis for a long time, then the situation is quite complex, and it is absolutely necessary to decide what to do with these two planets in quadrature.

Abandon an unsatisfactory love life or attempt to resolve the situation, but eventually have disagreements with the partner and misunderstandings. Those of the beginning of the year with a good Mars only in transit in the sky and the months of August and September always with an outstanding Mars in trigone that rekindles the fire of love that could then be a good tool to cope with sentimental issues are the perfect times to face the situation and find relevant solutions.

Love is fundamentally absent, but there is sexual appetite and it is very prominent, capable of improving contact. But if the love crisis is really really solid, then the option of separation will be inevitable with Jupiter and Saturn in quadrature, and maybe it will happen during the months of June and July 2021, with Mars in quadrature and those of November and December with Mars in opposition.

If you are lonely hearts, there is no reason to say that finding the right one to share life with is not extraordinary this year, but you should not be too lonely and discouraged because even in terms of sexual love, adventures come and can be satisfying. Thus, even though true love may not be born during these months, women and men may expect to make mates. The partnerships that are born in quadrature with Saturn and Jupiter, however, are almost always intended to have different difficulties and to face multiple cycles of malaise, incomprehension and continuing wars.