Leo Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Leo in 2021: 

And at the working floor, alas, the sky is not quite beneficial. First of all, by trying on new ventures, it is not easy to take steps and the recommendation is specifically to leave new career directions but continue to do as you already do. So if you have a nice career, if you have the ability to continue doing what you've always done, don't change it because it can be full of mishaps, challenges and disappointments with all new technical directions that begin with Jupiter and Saturn in opposition. It is very likely that even getting fired or leaving work during these months, and especially when Mars will be in quadrature until March or November, will increase the level of nervousness. If you study those assessments, it can be challenging to pass them and it becomes very complex to meet the goals you set yourself. The costs may be high and the profits low even at the economic level, so continue with caution without wasting too much money on pointless things. With little economic happiness, the timeframe needs investment and many sacrifices. It is not a smart idea at the moment to dream of buying a house or choosing to renovate those you live in or even choose to sell an apartment so you might have numerous bureaucratic issues, legal challenges to tackle and serious uncertainties that will persist even for years. When you are forced to purchase a home, make sure that you will be followed step by step by a lawyer or accountant to prevent errors and complications. However, the timeframe is completely unfavorable if you are facing a lawsuit and the answer appears to be very distant and most definitely against you. Don't make risky financial decisions, don't believe people who you don't know who can make huge profits and just want to believe you do.