Cancer Yearly Love Horoscope

Cancer in Love in 2021: 

Cancer of Passion 2021. In terms of love, you have a nice time during the spring season, but even in the month of June. In reality, Mars in transit in your sky from April to June provides various opportunities to enhance your love life but also to provide enough passionate energies to woo someone you really want. Try to take advantage of a reasonably substantial degree of beauty and magnetism only in the spring and do not underestimate the interactions with new individuals who can catch your gaze, but who can also be drawn to yours. However, if the charm is on the rise, this does not mean that these months of love will be especially lucky.

Unfortunately, Jupiter and Saturn are not so powerful and their weak control could produce a period of monotony in the relationship of love and thus, as a result, a decrease in eros and emotions to be lived. Between the two months of September and October with Mars in quadrature, crucial debates and arguments must be stopped, which causes nervousness, job tension and even some questions about the person you love. In addition, we must not neglect the sextile role of Uranus with your native Sun, but that may ask you to alter everything unexpectedly in the normal life of love you have been carrying on for several months or even years.

If the relationship proceeds without much difficulties, the way of experiencing emotions may be skewed, while if the situation is very serious, it may be very good for you and the person on your side to consider a breakup or a divorce. The love returns with a long stay of Mars in trigone between the months of October and November and thus an excellent moment to reinvigorate the intimate relationship. Look out for the betrayals that are clearly not helping now.