Pisces Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Pisces in 2021: 

Obstacles, even at work, to conquer. This does not mean that the year at a professional level will be daunting and complicated, but the challenges you will inevitably have to overcome will be numerous and during these fights it will not be easy to be solid and decisive. And Saturn and Jupiter are coming here to help these critical times, to have the right arms to combat. With these two planets in the twelfth astrological house by the end of the year, you will certainly be able to conquer every constraint, every obstacle, every climb that you see in front of your eyes. A lot of sacrifices to make, a lot of fatigue and decisions that are not easy to embrace but completely necessary. In the workplace, not all things go smoothly, but you have to realize that meeting the obstacles and discovering solutions to solve them helps you to mature, grow and lift the bar of achievement. The advice is to travel seeking to find other friends, different places if you don't have a job, so Uranus in sextile asks not only to disrupt your love life, but also your working life, searching around for something you can't find in the same location where you work and live. If you began a new project at the beginning of the year, it is not very easy to survive in the spring months, but if you can be solid, as we have already said, any challenge will be swept away and the smile will return to your lips. Superb time to consider a work offer. Obviously, if you are very young, working in a new position and in a new professional setting would not be so straightforward, however you belong to the symbolism and element of water, and thus you are very malleable people who know how to adapt to different circumstances. But be cautious with financial transactions, particularly when it comes to buying a house or new equipment for work. Caution. Caution.