Aquarius Yearly Career and Money Horoscope 2021

Career & Money for Aquarius in 2021: 

An exceptional time, also at work. It is a great pleasure for others to work with you and with you because your innovations, your ventures, powered also by the renewing wind of Uranus, will help you to accomplish remarkable accomplishments, not just professional, but also financial and thereby economic. Many of you would almost definitely be able to increase your turnover, gain even more than in the past, and you will find a large increase in clients and thus in money if you have an individual career. You are most respected and maybe even envied by working peers within your business or office, but what you do today brings tremendous success. You have to begin with new journeys, new career directions with Jupiter moving in your sky and returning to your native Sun after 12 years, which will definitely entail costs, financial savings, but which will offer happiness with next year already. Within you, the need to throw everything away in your life and to begin over is still greater and it must not be blocked. The drive to act will come around spring, so it will be very critical and vital to determine what to do in the months of September and October, which directions to follow in the job. If you are young, take advantage of this time to learn a lot, pass tests, submit your resume and do a lot of business interviews because by the end of this year the phone will already be ringing. Therefore, luck in real estate acquisitions, in the selling of houses and flats, but still wonderful fortune in new alliances. Many of you would probably have the ability to get to know different individuals who are actually really helpful in carrying out tasks. So support, help from people who value your thoughts and efficiency.